Fit an IMPLUVIA® chimney cowl

1 IMPLUVIA® per duct

An IMPLUVIA® stainless steel chimney cowl late is quick and compact to build in by a contractor/individual during the structural work or roof and flue renovation.

How to fit the IMPLUVIA®

An IMPLUVIA® built-in chimney cowl consists of:

  • Chassis
  • V-shaped water seal with lock
  • Gargoyle 40 cm
  • Cover grille (bird screen)
  • The entire system is made of 100% high quality stainless steel with extra treated welded joints
  • Concise, clear manual for building in supplied with each cowl

Description of the steps for building in


Cut the gargoyle to get the appropriate length


Install the IMPLUVIA® inside the flue


Build the brickwork with the moisture barrier


Fix the cover grille

Discover models and prices
Sketch of square and rectangular flues
Sketch of square and rectangular flues
Sketch of round flues
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